Jamestown AAUW Meeting

AAUW Jamestown Meeting Schedule

January 18, 2020 – 10:30 AM
Jamestown Drug Court and Criminal Justice Reform
Jamestown Legacy Center Buffalo Room

9:30 AM – Member Breakfast/Brunch Cost: $11(lasagna luncheon) RSVP to Barb Domek before January 8 at b.domek5540@gmail.com or 515-991-6646.

10:30 AM – Program by Judge Cherie Clark and LeAnn Bertsch, Director of the North Dakota Departments of Corrections and Rehabilitation will speak about the Southeast Judicial District Drug Court in Jamestown and how the community can be involved in Criminal Justice Reform. (Program open to Public)

Hostess: Jill Schlenker, Barbara Domel

February 2020 – No Physical Meeting Scheduled
Read a Book or Watch a Movie Discussion Group

Members can choose to read a book or watch a movie or both and then join an on-line or conference call discussion group as our “stay-at-home” and “be comfy” meeting brings the monthly branch meeting to your home this month.  Watch for the schedule and book/movie choices.

March 9, 2020 – All Day
Tech Savvy
University of Jamestown

All members are encouraged to support this local STEM event by helping out with the event.  This program is partially sponsored and supported by AAUW Jamestown

April 2, 2020
Work Savvy – Online
Jamestown High School Computer Lab
7:00 – 9:00 pm

AAUW members and guests will work online and complete the online AAUW Work Smart Program on Salary Negotiation.  Learning how to actively negotiate salary is one of the biggest obstacles to Pay Equity for Women.  Help AAUW reach their goal of training one million women in salary negotiation skills.

Hostess: Debbie Alber