TechSavvy & Stem Tastic

Tech Savvy and Stem Tastic will not be meeting in person in 2021.  Instead Stem Learning Kits will be distributed to school due to COVID 19.

Individuals and classrooms can also access the materials and do the projects on the ND Tech Savvy and Stem Tastic website.


Tech Savvy and Stem Tastic held on March 7, 2019

StemThe 2019 Tech Savvy  and Stem Tastic was held on March 7 on the University of Jamestown Campus

Tech Savvy Engages Girls in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)  using Hands –on Workshops Led by STEM professionals to make learning fun according to Tech Savvy Co-Chair
Joan Enderle.  The Stem Tastic mirrors this program but focuses on developing an interest in STEM careers for boys.  Both events were held at the University of Jamestown campus on March 7, 2019, with over 440 youth from grades 7 and 8 attending.   Read and watch the video here:  Tech Savvy

Photos from the 2018 Event are below: